Google ‘Campfire’ may allow Chromebooks to dual-boot Windows 10

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Chromebooks are popular devices, giving consumers a laptop form factor in a speedy, (usually) affordable package. Soon they may get another feature that could make them even more attractive for getting things done on the go.

Google may soon allow Chromebooks to run Windows 10. According to a report from XDA Developers, Google is working on a feature codenamed “Campfire” that will allow Chromebook devices to dual-boot Chrome OS and Windows 10.

Details on Campfire are still fairly light, but it’s said that Google won’t require you to enable Developer Mode to use the feature. That’s good news because while Developer Mode does open up new features, it also disables some security features that many users would probably prefer to leave on.

Today’s report also claims that Campfire won’t be limited to Google’s Pixelbook. However, it’s possible that the feature will only be available on select Chromebook models. Your device may need at least 40GB of internal storage — 30GB for Windows, 10GB for Chrome OS — which would eliminate many Chromebook models.

While still not confirmed, this Campfire feature would be a big deal for Chromebooks. Chrome OS has come a long way, but it doesn’t have the huge ecosystem of software available to it that Windows does. Allowing users to dual-boot Windows 10 and Chrome OS would make Chromebooks more attractive, giving users the option of using Chrome OS when they want but also being able to boot into Windows 10 when they need an app that isn’t available on Chrome OS.

Would you be interested in a Chromebook if it supported dual-booting with Windows 10?

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