Google Assistant can now give you a more personalized news update


One of the major features of smart speakers is to get the daily news, and today Google is rolling out a news-focused feature for the Google Assistant.

Your News Update is a new feature that’ll have the Google Assistant read short news stories that it thinks will be of interest to you. The news stories will be chosen in that moment and will be based on your interests, location, user history, and preferences, as well as the top news stories that are currently available.

For example, if you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, follow the stock market, and you live in Chicago, the Your News Update feature could give you the score of the latest Steelers game, an update on the stock market, and information on a particular construction project in Chicago. Once you’ve listened to the first short news stories, Google Assistant will then go into longer-form news based on your interests.

Google says its partnering with lots of different publishers to get news for its Your News Update feature. They include ABC, CBS, Politico, CNN, The Washington Post, Reuters, Billboard, NBA, Fox News, USA Today, Associated Press, and more.

This Your News Update feature can be accessed by saying “Hey Google, play me the news” on any Assistant-enabled phone or smart speaker. It’s available starting today in English in the United States and will expand internationally next year.

To enable Your News Update, dive into your Google Assistant settings, go to the “You” tab, and find the “News” section. Then you can change your selection to “Your News Update” to begin getting these tailored news readouts.

Google has offered news briefings through Assistant for a few years now, letting you get updates on news from top publishers using just your voice. The goal with Your News Update is to make it easier to get news that’s more tailored to you and your interests.

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