Google Assistant can now buy movie tickets for you


Google Assistant is learning another new trick.

Google announced today that you can now buy movie tickets through Google Assistant. You can ask Google Assistant for “showtimes near me” and add a specific movie if you know what you want to see. You can then tell Assistant to buy tickets for a certain time and it’ll ask how many you want.

You can also say “Hey Google, get me tickets for…” if you already know what movie you want to see. Google notes that you can buy tickets for upcoming movies, too.

Google Assistant buy movie tickets

If the theater that you’re buying tickets for has reserved seating, Google Assistant will give you a link to tap so that you can pick which seats you’d like to buy tickets for.

Google Assistant’s ticket buying feature is powered by Fandango.

This is a pretty nifty feature for Google Assistant. You’ve been able to ask about movies for awhile now, but now you can make the ticket buying process more simple by letting Assistant do all the work for you. Using your voice to buy movie tickets lets you do other things while you’re buying tickets, too, so you can easily get tickets while you’re making dinner or doing something else.

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