Google app v8.6 hints at Assistant contacts, updated material design theme and more



Google has rolled out a fresh new update to its Google app which brings the version number to v8.6. The new update brings more references to ‘Your People screen’ and Google Assistant for Households by adding personal details to contacts and it will also have an option to enable or disable Assistant on the Pixel Buds while your phone’s lockscreen is active

Not the biggest visual change but, Google app update brings a better-looking keyboard icon on the Assistant popup page. Both the keyboard icons and Lens icons are also a bit darker now. Now to the content that is lying underneath, last month a new ‘Your People’ screen appeared in the Google Assistant settings. This list is of people known by Assistant that had some sort of relationship with you. However, this screen isn’t fully functional yet, as it might be under works. However, it adds more context to what it will be able to show. 

Google App

Next up is the  Google Assistant for Households feature, this addition shows that the people you’re living with will be attributed a birthday and phone number, plus their relationship to you. The purpose of this is to allow users to simplify voice commands. again since this is work in progress, nothing is clear just yet. another interesting addition to this feature is dragon glass which basically is a warnings messages that Assistant will have access to your calendar, contacts, reminders.

If you are already a Google App user, you can install the update from Play Store directly or download the APK and override it to replace the existing older version.


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