Google Account update brings easier navigation and better security tools

Google Account UI update

Heads up, Google users, because an important update is now going out for Google Account.

The updated Google Account experience adds features to make it easier to navigate your account. A search function will let you quickly find settings and other info, like how to change your password, while a dedicated support section will offer help with common tasks and answers from community experts.

Also rolling out is more helpful privacy and security info. Google says its design is more intuitive and will make it easy to find your Activity controls and choose what types of activity data are saved in your account. Also included is an updated Privacy Checkup that’ll help you review your privacy settings and explain how they shape your experience using Google services.

Google Account UI update search

Google will alert you if it determines that there’s something you can do to improve your security, too. For example, it might suggest removing your account from older devices that you’re no longer using your removing unverified apps that you’ve granted access to your account data.

Many people use Google services day in and day out, so it’s important that their Google Account is secure. This updated Google Account sounds like a good improvement, making it easier to find important settings and helping users to better understand how they can keep their Google Account secure.

Google says that this updated Google Account is available today on Android and will launch on iOS and the web later this year. 

Google Account update security

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