Gobble up data from Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts with ‘table topics’ meant to help Thanksgiving debates

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You may not have Steve Ballmer excitedly thumping a turkey leg at your Thanksgiving gathering this week, but you can at least bring a helping of data from the USAFacts founder to your feast. It might be just the side dish to smooth over potential family squabbles.

The clash of facts and “fake news” is always a worrisome situation for families on opposing ends of the political divide. Shouting across social media is one thing, but being across the table is quite another.

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As noted by Axios‘ Ina Fried in the Login newsletter Wednesday morning, Ballmer and company are presenting Thanksgiving table topics around nine touchy subjects in the hopes that everyone arrives to a discussion with the same set of basic facts.

Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO and billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, founded Bellevue, Wash.-based USAFacts in 2017 in a nonpartisan effort to rise above the shouting and simply promote government data. The table topics include numbers around border apprehensions, immigration, climate, active shooters, education, medicare, opioids, military spending and the middle class.

Clicking on a topic offers the opportunity to dive into the data on each — with colorful graphics that you can print out for your favorite Facebook uncle.

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