Go swim with the sharks in this 10-hour YouTube video from Paul Allen’s Global FinPrint survey

So this is what it would look like if you crammed Shark Week into one extended YouTube video.

If swimming with the sharks sounds a little too scary for you, perhaps 10 hours of underwater footage will do the trick, thanks to a new video provided by Global FinPrint, the worldwide shark and ray survey funded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Just in time for Sunday’s premiere of Discovery’s annual summer marathon of shark programming — which promises more than 20 hours — the Global Finprint video was collected during survey work of 35 reefs on 17 different islands and atolls in French Polynesia. According to Vulcan Inc., a team led by by Florida International University’s N. Frances Farabaugh collected over 2,500 hours of video using baited remote underwater video rigs.

An hour’s worth of GoPro footage is looped 10 times for the purposes of the YouTube video, and in it we get to see lots of fish and plenty of sharks nosing up against a baited trap. If you have two computer screens at your office workstation, fill one of them with this.

Allen, the late Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist, launched Global FinPrint in the summer of 2015 with a goal of better understanding the coral reef ecosystem and how humans impact species and their habitats.

A previous video, in October 2017, captured a great white shark off New Zealand dragging a camera around.

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