German Carmaker Porsche will finally migrate PCs to Windows 10

Windows 10 for PC
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Windows 10 has been garnering a good amount of customers off
late with many companies opting to update their PCs to
Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system.

One of the big German car maker company Porsche has now decided
to upgrade all its Windows 7 PCs to Microsoft’s latest
operating system Windows 10.

The company confirmed that all its 27,000 PCs with Windows 7
installed will soon be upgraded to the latest Windows 10
version by the end of next year.

Microsoft has already confirmed that its Windows 7 will become
obsolete after January 2020 since it would be the last time
that Microsoft will be updating its Windows 7.

After the specified period, Microsoft will not be pushing any
new security updates for its Windows 7 and has been requesting
users to start upgrading to the latest Windows 10 update.

If reports are to be believed the German car maker Porsche is
planning to upgrade to Windows 10 due to the extra security
feature which the Operating System provides to its users.

With this decision, it is expected that not less than 27,000
employees of the company will be benefited by using Microsoft’s
Windows 10 by end of next year on their PCs.

Microsoft has all this while being requesting customers to
upgrade to its new operating system due to its security
features and Windows 10 wasn’t even vulnerable to the popular
WannaCry cyber attack.

It is, however, worth noting that Microsoft’s Windows 7 is
still the most preferred OS among old users as it holds
more than 40 percent of the market share with Windows 10 being
able to get only 30 percent of users to run the latest OS,
according to NetMarketShare.

With Porsche deciding to upgrade all its Windows 7 PCs to
Windows 10, this could be coming as good news to the Redmond
Giant, and it will also contribute to the desktop market share
in the enterprise segment.

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