GeekWire Podcast: We (almost) hacked a election; Amazon vs. Trump; cashless stadiums


Here’s what we’re articulate about this week on a GeekWire Podcast:

Voting online is fast, available and also … vulnerable. In a arise of a Iowa caucuses app fiasco, we attempted voting online in a Seattle informal election. While there are current concerns about confidence in web voting, organizations behind this exam are assured it will be protected and are relocating forward with a technology.

  • We voted with a smartphone in a Seattle-area election, and this is what we discovered

Amazon’s latest front in a conflict for a remunerative U.S. troops agreement has it holding on President Trump. The association mislaid a JEDI agreement to Microsoft, though now it wants a justice to concede it to overthrow Trump to see if his animus toward Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was a cause in a decision.

  • Amazon asks to overthrow Trump in lawsuit severe Pentagon’s endowment of vital cloud agreement to Microsoft 

Speaking of President Trump, he found something engaging in a names of 4 hulk tech companies this week.

  • Trump’s turn on favorite acronym lumps Microsoft and Amazon into ‘MAGA’ with Google and Apple 

And, behind to a ballpark! Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, home to a Seahawks and FC Sounders, is going cashless. Why are they doing it, and what if we didn’t move a credit label with we to a game? We speak about a destiny of a cashless world, and a debate around a trend.

  • Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is going cashless in hopes that cards speed exchange during stadium 

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With GeekWire’s Todd Bishop, Monica Nickelsburg and Kurt Schlosser. Audio modifying and prolongation by Curt Milton. Music by Daniel L.K. Caldwell.

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