GeekWire Podcast: T-Mobile Park, Jack Dorsey’s smartphone, and other random items of questionable relevance

Sorry, T-Mobile, we’re not sold on the magenta color scheme at our classic ballpark. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Almost every week, at the end of the GeekWire Podcast, we feature our “Random Channel” segment, discussing random items of questionable relevance. This week, with several of us out of the office, we decided to forgo our regular news conversation and go “full random,” you might say.

Listen to the podcast below and continue reading for notes and links on the highly random items we discussed.

  • To kick us off, the team schools me on the latest shorthand I should apparently be using in Slack. SMH.
  • Staff writer Kurt Schlosser isn’t so sure about the new T-Mobile color scheme at the ballpark formerly known as Safeco Field.
  • Civic editor Monica Nickelsburg is a big fan of these two worlds colliding: “AOC and the cast of ‘Queer Eye’ hung out on Capitol Hill.”
  • Managing editor Taylor Soper asks if the objects around him bring joy, and notes, “Thrift stores are overwhelmed with donations, thanks to Marie Kondo.“
  • We all appreciated how the Washington Post handled April Fool’s Day.
  • Speaking of the prior two items, Monica found joy in Maisie Williams’ faux Game of Thrones spoiler on Jimmy Fallon.
  • We’re all a bit amazed that Twitter and Square boss Jack Dorsey apparently doesn’t use a computer.
  • I’m trying out Virtual Desktop on my Oculus Go.
  • Monica is charmed by the story of the cat and the round-the-world cyclist.
  • Jeff Bezos finally followed someone else on Twitter, and guess what, it’s his ex-wife MacKenzie.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy the random interests of the GeekWire team. And don’t worry, we’ll be back on topic next week with our regular show.

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