Geeks on Trails: Support our Hike-a-Thon team

Communique PR co-founder and GeekWire member Colleen Moffitt, center, on a hike with family.

It’s August in the Pacific Northwest, which means you shouldn’t be reading this post. You should be enjoying the natural beauty that this special corner of the planet has to offer.

But, if you are reading this post rather than hiking the trails of Mount Rainier or the Hoh rain forest, we’ve got a special ask for you: Support the natural wonder of our region — and the amazing efforts of the Washington Trails Association — by supporting our Geeks on Trails Hike-a-Thon team.

Geeks on Trails team members at Discovery Park

You can make a donation — which will support the construction and restoration of hiking trails — by going here.

Even a small donation will help support hiking in our region, and that’s a very worthy cause. Not sure about you, but every time I hike to a beautiful basin, majestic peak or scenic seashore, I walk away refreshed. That’s part of the allure of the Northwest, and we need to work to preserve it since recent reports show that the number of hikers on Washington trails has doubled in nearly 10 years.

Geeks on Trails Trail — an alliance of GeekWire and ALLtech — includes 30 hikers. We’re the largest team ever assembled for the the Hike-a-Thon, and we’re seeking to raise $10,000. Thanks to support from individuals, and corporate partners such as Regence, Delta Dental of Washington and ALLtech, we are halfway to our goal.

Now, we hope you’ll make a donation to this important cause. And, for my family, we’re off with the pup to find our next great weekend hike! See you on the trails.

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