Geek of a Week: Slalom’s Maya Peterson is a Salesforce force for women entering tech

Maya Peterson lounging during a travel in Washington’s North Cascades National Park during Hidden Lake. (Photo pleasantness of Maya Peterson)

Unable to finish college and operative as many as 3 jobs during once in a use and nonprofit industries, Maya Peterson took a risk and borrowed income from family in sequence to enroll in an admin category with Salesforce. It paid off.

Almost 6 years later, Peterson has 11 Salesforce certifications and is a Salesforce MVP as a consultant during Slalom in Seattle. Our latest Geek of a Week works with a accumulation of clients trimming from vast organizations to tiny nonprofits to assistance them solve problems.

“I was lifted by a singular mom who worked over 80 hours a week to support my sister and I,” Peterson said. “Growing up, we saw firsthand a hurdles low-income women and mothers face when transitioning their careers.”

Two things mount out from her experience: not everybody can only steal income from family and not everybody has connectors in tech they can strech out to for that initial job, recommendation or training resources.

“To assistance other Seattle women who wish to enter a tech workforce, we piloted a 10-week giveaway module scheming 9 women for a Salesforce Certification examination regulating Trailhead — Salesforce’s giveaway online training tool,” Peterson said.

The women were also matched with mentors in a tech industry.

Now, interjection to a partnership and support of Slalom, a nonprofit Dress for Success Seattle, and other members of a internal Salesforce community, all 9 women graduated from a initial category and will continue with a new conspirator this fall, according to Peterson.

Learn some-more about this week’s Geek of a Week, Maya Peterson:

What do we do and since do we do it? As a salesforce consultant, my purpose varies depending on my client. we can wear many hats from business analyst, resolution designer, builder, or tester. we write documentation, emanate and promote trainings. It can operation from super formidable story mapping to information purify up. we like assisting clients solve problems. we honestly suffer a work and saying a formula make a disproportion for someone. When it comes down to it, I’ve always been encouraged by a tellurian aspect of a job.

What is a singular many critical thing people should know about your field? This is a large doubt with a bigger answer than we have time to provide. we specialize in Salesforce, that is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. However, it has reached over that into a Customer 360-degree platform.

To work with Salesforce, we need to know and work with people. You don’t build in a box. Your primary regard is always to know a users and business regulating a system. It’s most some-more engaging than it sounds. we get a possibility to learn about a accumulation of opposite businesses and how they duty and to work with fascinating and gifted people.

You don’t need a mechanism scholarship grade or credentials to learn Salesforce, we need a stability to learn new things, people skills, and a ability to consider critically and ask a right questions. This is since it’s such a good overpass into tech, generally with giveaway training resources like Trailhead.

Where do we find inspiration? In my giveaway time, when a continue allows, we hike. Hiking is a good sign that we’re all means of accomplishing daunting feats. When we do feel impressed with a tasks I’ve set before myself, we remind myself how distant my legs can lift me. Even if it’s hard, even if we contingency stop and breathe, we can accomplish my goals if we only put one feet in front of a other.

What’s one square of record we couldn’t live without, and why? we know we should contend my phone or mechanism and those things both minister to my livelihood. we REALLY could not live though my Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses. we have a singular eye illness called Keratoconus, we need my lenses both to see and to assistance stabilise my condition. My astigmatism is too serious for eyeglasses or soothing lenses to work so we am always beholden that lenses like this exist.

(Photo pleasantness of Maya Peterson)

What’s your workspace like, and since does it work for you? My workspace is always changing depending on a customer I’m operative with. At Slalom we have common desks as good as a accumulation of other spaces to work from. This works for me since we dislike confusion and we suffer a leisure to pierce around and work from anywhere we have my mechanism and WiFi.

Your best tip/trick for handling bland work and life. I consider it’s a parable that we’re all ostensible to have bland work and life totally managed. we try my best. we mostly take on some-more than we can conduct and contingency make tough choices or sacrifices. I’d rather fire for something large and destroy than stay safe. If you’re perplexing to accomplish anything, a going to be tough and you’re going to feel discouraged, only keep doing your best. Focus on tiny wins, be patient, if we fail, try again. It took roughly dual years of planning, failing, and re-trying, to move a Salesforce 10-week category to fruition. Don’t review yourself to others, including me. None of us have it all figured out.

Mac, Windows, or Linux? we have a Mac during home and Windows for work. we try and stay OS agnostic.

Kirk, Picard, or Janeway? Lt. Commander Worf

Transporter, time machine, or disguise of invisibility? Personally, I’d select Transporter, take operative remote to a whole new level, though we did write a blog essay about a source control formed time machine:

If someone gave me $1 million to launch a startup, we would … start a nonprofit that provides laptops and other tech hardware resources for nonprofit tech workshops/bootcamps/and classes. Getting entrance to computers was a biggest jump with a Dress for Success Class; appreciate integrity Slalom was means to help!

I once waited in line for … most of a Harry Potter books when they were initial released.

Your purpose models and why? we remember my mom operative 80+ hours a week and training herself web growth so she could build a improved life for us. She’s one of a smartest, hardest working, and kindest people we know. She taught me to be a clever woman, pronounce my mind, and work tough to accomplish my goals. She’s always lifting people up.

Greatest diversion in history: “The Incredible Machine.”

Best tool ever: Inspector Gadget.

First computer: We had a desktop PC. we don’t remember a brand.

Current phone: Some kind of Droid… The critical thing about it is it’s waterproof and shatterproof.

Favorite app: Chrome, Maps, OneBusAway — we like a apps that let me entrance a information we need in a matter of seconds.

Favorite cause: Since relocating to Seattle, I’ve been concerned with a International Rescue Committee, Babies of Homelessness, and Dress for Success Seattle. I’m an AmeriCorps alum. The causes we support change over time. we do what we can locally to try and make a difference.

Most critical record of 2020: Probably AI/automation. The fact that some-more and more, we can reinstate tellurian workers with intelligent automation. we was in a San Francisco airfield and we saw a drudge that was creation imagination lattès for people. As someone who spent 8 years operative in a use industry, who has friends who work in a use industry, it creates me stop and think; this will have a large impact.

Most critical record of 2022: Any record that reduces or helps residence a impact of meridian change will be of a pinnacle significance in a future.

Final difference of recommendation for your associate geeks? Don’t panic and lift a towel.

Website: Unhandled Sunshine

Twitter: @mayaliciap

LinkedIn: Maya Peterson

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