Geek of a Week: After years as Navy nuke officer, RealWear CEO Andy Lowery finds a new connection


Wearing his signature product, a HMT-1, Andy Lowery is co-founder and CEO RealWear. (Photo pleasantness of Andy Lowery)

Relying on hands-free or voice-enabled tech in your kitchen or in front of your TV might be a complicated preference value enjoying, though in a workplace where there are genuine elements of increasing capability or even risk in a mix, hands giveaway deserves a high-five.

Andy Lowery is a co-founder and CEO of RealWear, a Vancouver, Wash.-based association that creates a HMT-1, a rugged, industrial, head-mounted mechanism that he thinks is pivotal to improved joining workers in certain environments. Lowery is this week’s Geek of a Week.

Originally from southern Illinois, Lowery sought journey shortly after high propagandize and was incited on by a United States Marine Corps blurb in that a horseman battling a dragon morphs into a Marine.

“I wanted to be a Marine,” Lowery said. “I collected my things and gathering to a Marine Corps recruiter’s office. Door was closed, pointer said: ‘Will lapse tomorrow.’ Deflated, we walked past an open doorway that pronounced ‘Navy’ when we listened a shout. ‘Sir! Let me pronounce with we for a moment.’ Three hours later, we was in a Navy.”

His Navy career incited out to be a extensive and renowned one, as Lowery went from wiring technician to an chosen engineering module all a approach to Nuclear Propulsion Officer aboard a USS John C. Stennis. He finished active use in 2002 and continued in a pot until 2015.

On a municipal side, he was a ubiquitous manager of an wiring multiplication of Tyco and afterwards a arch operative during Raytheon.

“In a midst of operative with Raytheon we dabbled in some-more entrepreneurial pursuits,” Lowery said. “I co-founded DAQRI with Brian Mullins in 2010; we both believed that protracted existence had a intensity to change a approach we work, live and play. It was still early on for craving mobile AR; we struggled for traction. In 2013 we found support, so we left Raytheon in 2014 to take a position of DAQRI president. Over dual years we helped lead a group and schooled a lot. It was those years that shabby me a many from a viewpoint of scale. we knew that a business we indeed were in was trust transfer, and above all, had to be safe. After DAQRI, we met with Dr. Chris Parkinson, a technologist and inventor, and shortly thereafter, RealWear was founded.”

Today, RealWear employs about 100 people with offices in Vancouver, San Jose, Calif., Beijing and Bangalore. 

Lowery believes that immature people relocating into a workforce to reinstate timid Baby Boomers need to learn how to do a lot of things quickly, though many differently that a comparison generation. And he believes RealWear helps overpass a opening by accelerating trust send by a platform.

“We radically are a tip of a stalk of a connected workman module for industry,” Lowery said. “We are means to giveaway a worker’s hands for a work by providing a wearable Android mechanism that is entirely voice-controlled, even in intensely loud environments. They can lift adult documents, bond to other experts, and promote training and problem elucidate in situ, definition right there and then.”

Learn some-more about this week’s Geek of a Week, Andy Lowery:

What do we do, and since do we do it? At my core, we am a “chief engineer.” Chief engineer’s lead, build and fix. They request a beliefs of systems engineering in a approach they think, solve problems and live. They are a personality that only gets it done, mostly though a approval or a excellence that “business politicians” seek. From my perspective, arch engineers are like a “Tolkien Wizards” of a world.

What’s a singular many critical thing people should know about your field? Often a record is confused with a problems we are perplexing to solve. People ask, what business are we in? Augmented reality? Wearable computing? Voice recognition? We are doing all of that today. RealWear is in a business of connected knowledge. We are doing a partial to change what is best in people and machine, to accelerate tellurian potency and pierce larger tellurian balance. Today that is with voice, wearables and protracted reality. Tomorrow it could be by uploading a trust to commander a B212 helicopter (#matrix).

Where do we find your inspiration? we am desirous by a stories of stubborn, ardent and artistic pioneers. we am desirous by those who see piety as a strength.

What’s a one square of record we couldn’t live without, and why? The internet. Now that we are connected, it would be tough to go back. The democratization of information and also unobstructed entrance to that information (#netneutrality), and for that matter other infrastructure-related resources such as appetite will, one day, urge a ability to support offset expansion and enrichment in peace with a environment. Where we are as a people, we trust that we will trend towards a some-more offset multitude as we grow past a goods-centric society. The internet is a step in that direction.

What’s your workspace like, and since does it work for you? RealWear has found home in a refurbished Civil War epoch barracks. It is a genuine respect to work out of a building steeped with such tradition and history. The bureau kind of takes on a RealWear “steampunk” vibe as we cranky that story with a state of a art technology. My work space is always simple, neat and mobile. Simple and neat, so that confusion in my sourroundings doesn’t serve confusion my mind. And mobile so that it can pierce with me during a gait fueled by my inability to lay still.

Your best tip or pretence for handling bland work and life. (Help us out, we need it.) Love what we do. If we adore to transport internationally, work into a purpose that travels. If we adore to spend time with family, start a business with your poignant other (use caution).

Mac, Windows or Linux? Currently Mac, though we have been carefree for a Linux crossover, such as Lindows (now LinspireOS). we have been following them given Microsoft lawsuit days.

Kirk, Picard, or Janeway? Kirk.

Transporter, Time Machine or Cloak of Invisibility? Transporter = immediate spatial travel. Time appurtenance = immediate temporal travel. we am going to go with a “TARDIS” styled time machine, fusing my space-time transport into one appurtenance (leave a disguise with Harry).

If someone gave me $1 million to launch a startup, we would … Who is this “someone”? Can we greatfully put me in hold with this person? (the word choice “gave” is utterly engaging here).

I once waited in line for … A hide peek, pre-released demeanour during “Skyward Sword” while watchful for “Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony” to begin.

Your purpose models: I’ll list a few and explain since we preference them by one of a good things that they have said.
• “Intelligence is a ability to adjust to change” — Stephen Hawking.
• “It is not a censor who depends … The credit belongs to a male who is indeed in a locus …” — Teddy Roosevelt.
• “It is pronounced that a correct male who stands organisation is a politician and a ridiculous male who stands organisation is a catastrophe” — Hyman Rickover, Father of a Nuclear Navy
• “It’s not a distance of a dog in a fight, it’s a distance of a quarrel in a dog – Mark Twain
• “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Greatest diversion in history: Considering a year of recover (1982), we am going with “Dungeons of Daggorath.” So distant forward of a time.

Best tool ever: Easily a RealWear HMT-1 hands-free ruggedized wearable mechanism since it’s joining workers to people, places and things in attention and works right out of a box.

First computer: TI TRS-80 Color Computer with 16K of memory! (it still works).

Current phone: iPhone 8 Plus.

Favorite app: DAQRI Elements (unfortunately retired), designed by Mike French.

Favorite cause: A accumulation of transformational preparation initiatives.

Most critical record of 2018: Machine training relating to adaptive and energetic spatial abilities.

Most critical record of 2020: The internet of energy.

Final difference of recommendation for your associate geeks: To be tellurian is to be curious. The inherited ability to follow your oddity to a corner of bargain takes good intelligence. The stamina to mangle by to find takes good passion. The special multiple of curiosity, comprehension and passion make for one ruin of a geek. Quest to be a best geek we can be.

Website: RealWear

Twitter: @andylowery

LinkedIn: Andy Lowery

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