Geared Up Podcast: Is the Xbox All Access subscription actually a good deal?


Microsoft’s new Xbox All Access deal is basically a subscription service for hardware: For a monthly fee, customers get an Xbox One S or One X and Xbox Live Gold and Games Pass subscriptions. (GeekWire Photo)

Microsoft announced a strange new subscription-style plan for Xbox this week, called All Access. It basically bundles existing gaming subscriptions with an installment plan to buy a new Xbox One S or One X — but is the plan actually a good deal?

Microsoft said gamers can save more than $130 by signing up for the Xbox One S All Access plan, versus buying the console outright with the attached subscriptions. But it also comes with a two-year contract and users need to go through Dell, of all places, to secure credit for the subscription. We run through the pros and cons on this week’s episode of Geared Up.

Plus, we round up everything we know so far about the next generation of iPhones, set to be announced next month, and Google’s Pixel 3 XL, the victim of massive hardware leaks.

And finally, yet another smart speaker is coming soon to stores near you. Bose has jumped into the smart assistant game with a new Alexa-enabled speaker, alongside two pricy Alexa soundbars.

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This week’s stories:

  • Microsoft unveils Xbox All Access, a new hardware/software subscription plan with no upfront cost
  • Bose unveils Alexa-powered smart speaker and soundbars, aligning with Amazon on ‘next chapter’
  • Apple to Embrace iPhone X Design With New Colors, Bigger Screens
  • Google’s Pixel 3 XL widely leaks ahead of its announcement

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