Geared Up Podcast: Galaxy Note 9 hands-on review


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s major selling points are its battery, its processor and the huge amount of storage. (Andru Edwards Photo)

The smartphone of the moment is Samsung’s new high-end Note 9, the super-powered competitor to phones like Apple’s iPhone X. On this episode of Geared Up, we give a full hands-on review of the device, which comes with a hefty $999 price tag for a starting model.

But the device’s battery life, signature Note stylus and huge amount of storage — up to a whole terabyte — make it ultra useful for those on the go and those concerned about putting their digital assets into the cloud.

Also on the show, we hear about the latest development in Andru’s Tesla experience and Elon Musk’s sudden announcement that he wants to take the company private. Plus, we discuss the ins-and-outs of next-gen Mesh WiFi, which is a key element of Samsung’s smart devices strategy.

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This week’s stories:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung introduces Galaxy Home smart speaker powered by digital assistant Bixby
  • Oh, wow, man! Elon Musk’s tweets about taking Tesla private spark a stock spike
  • Elon Musk names Saudis as principal funders for Tesla stock privatization plan

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