Geared Up: Are foldable phones more than a fad? Plus, hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

This week on Geared Up, our consumer electronics podcast and video show, we talk about the newly unveiled foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Are these foldable phones the future of mobile tech, or will the Galaxy Fold be seen as a fad?

We also go hands-on with the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ and compare the Samsung Galaxy Buds to the Apple AirPods. I’m in the middle of my Samsung Galaxy S10 review, but have some early impressions about some of the major features like Wireless PowerShare. Also check out the unboxing below.

Finally, Microsoft has announced the new second-generation HoloLens, and we go over the future of AR, as well.

Watch the archived live stream and listen to the podcast above, or subscribe to Geared Up in your favorite podcast app.

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