Galaxy S20 Ultra will reportedly use stainless steel, Z Flip will have two locking positions

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There’s been a pretty steady stream of Samsung leaks lately, and today a few more details on the upcoming Galaxy flagships have surfaced.

First up, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will reportedly come with a stainless steel frame, says XDA-Developers‘ Max Weinbach. That’d be a change from the Galaxy S10 phones and their aluminum frames, though because only the S20 Ultra is called out in this leak, it’s possible that the S20 and S20+ will stick with aluminum frames.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is expected to be the top-end device in the S20 family, boasting specs like a 108MP main camera and 5000mAh battery. Rumors say it could be pricey, too, but adding a stainless steel frame could give the S20 Ultra a more premium feel and help make the higher price a bit more understandable.

Weinbach also says that the Galaxy S20 phones will be set to a 60Hz refresh rate out of the box, despite being capable of a 120Hz refresh rate. Sticking to 60Hz would use less battery than 120Hz and some S20 owners may never even activate the higher refresh rate, so this decision will offer better battery life out of the box and those who want 120Hz can turn it on.

Moving on to the other big phone expected to debut on February 11th, the Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly be capable of locking into two positions: 90 degrees and 180 degrees. Locking it into the 90-degree angle will let the Galaxy Z Flip act like a kickstand, Weinbach explains, with apps like Google Duo and the Camera using only the top half of the display.

Finally, it’s said that when you’re on a phone call on the Galaxy Z Flip and you close the display, the call will end. That’s how the original Motorola Razr flip phone worked, and we’re sure that lots of people who buy the new Razr foldable will have a lot of fun hanging up on calls with the emphasis of a flip phone again.

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