Galaxy S20 may limit 120Hz refresh rate to Full HD resolution

Galaxy S20+ render

There have been a lot of exciting Galaxy S20 leaks lately that’ve given us an early look at hardware and some spec information on one of the models. Today another Galaxy S20 rumor has come out, but this one might not make you as excited as the others.

Samsung might limit the 120Hz refresh rate on the Galaxy S20 series to FHD 1080p resolution. Leaker Ice Universe claims that “it can now be said with certainty that Samsung has cancelled the WQHD 120Hz option of the Galaxy S20 series.”

This means that your refresh rate options on the Galaxy S20 may include FHD at 60Hz, FHD at 120Hz, and WQHD at 60Hz.

Having a higher refresh rate helps to make animations and scrolling look smoother. However, Galaxy S20 users could be forced to choose between having that higher 120Hz refresh rate and a lower screen resolution or a standard 60Hz refresh rate and a higher resolution, something that could be frustrating to folks who buy a Galaxy S20 series phone with the hope of having a high-res screen and high refresh rate on their flagship-tier device.

There’s no word on why Samsung might’ve decided to limit 120Hz to FHD resolution. It could have something to do with battery life, though, because powering a high-resolution screen and a high refresh rate at the same time could cause a big hit on the battery life. Instead, Samsung might feel that limit the refresh rate to FHD is the right decision because it thinks that that’ll give its customers the best experience.

What do you think of this news? Would you be fine using your phone at FHD resolution to get a 120Hz refresh rate?

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