Galaxy Home Mini launching in early 2020, says Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker

Months after the Galaxy Home Mini was first spotted, we’ve finally got an idea of when the smart speaker will launch.

Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Home Mini in early 2020. Samsung Electronics CEO Hyun Suk Kim confirmed the news to Bloomberg, adding that the device will focus on allowing users to control home appliances with their voice rather than being a conversational AI.

The Galaxy Home Mini will be able to do things like set up schedules for your appliances, like making sure the washer’s cycle is complete before you get home. Kim says that he’s testing the Galaxy Home Mini in his home and has 63 devices linked to it.

There’s no word yet on how much the Galaxy Home Mini might cost when it does launch.

As for the regular Galaxy Home speaker that was first announced in 2018 and still hasn’t launched, Samsung says that it hasn’t decided whether or not it will release that device.

Samsung has its SmartThings platform that the Galaxy Home Mini can control, and it’s also said that the device will be able to link up with other home appliances using infrared remote transmitters. Despite all that, though, the Galaxy Home Mini could face a tough challenge against the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, both of which are well-established voice assistant platforms in the home.

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