Futaba’s Family Twins game in development


Futaba's Family Twins

A game adaption of the Young Animal Comics manga Futaba-san Chi no Kyoudai, or Futaba’s Family Twins, is in development for release this summer in Japan, author Norio Tsukudani announced on Twitter. Genre and platform(s) for the game were not announced.

Protagonist Neiko Futaba’s voice actress will be announced in the next issue of Young Animal magazine, which is due out on June 8.

Here is an overview of the series, via Manga Rock:

Neiko Futaba is the school idol, but little does anyone at school know what she’s really like. Only her beloved younger twin brother Otohiro knows her overly clingy persona, much to his dismay. On top of that, it seems Neiko seems to be rather determined to seduce her brother in every way possible. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Otohiro, it is just an everyday occurrence in the Futaba household…

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