FuRyu launches new title teaser website featuring messages between four creators [Update]



FuRyu has lanuched a teaser website for a new title.

The teaser website features messages between the following four creators:

  • Nobuhiro Imagawa – Known for Mother 3, Fantasy Life, Knights Dragons, Dokodemo Dragon
  • Nobuyuki Inoue – Known for Mother 3, Magical Vacation, Hanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekaiyo Hanjukunare…!
  • Tsukasa Masuko – Known for Star Force, Shin Megami Tensei series, Bomb Jack, Magical Vacation, The Caligula Effect
  • Takuya Yamanaka (FuRyu) – Known for The Caligula Effect

Here is our translation of the messages:

Takuya Yamanaka (Producer): “‘That’ announcement is finally approaching, but guys, how is it coming along?”

Nobuhiro Imagawa (Graphics): “I’ll present it at the start of the week.”

Tsukasa Masuko (Sound): “I”ll also have something at the start of the week.”

Takuya Yamanaka: “Thank you so much! By the way, Mr. Inoue, how is the scenario coming along?”

Takuya Yamanaka: “Mr. Inoue…?”

Takuya Yamanaka: “Mr. Inoue!!!???”

Nobuyuki Inoue (Scenario): “The beginning of the week, was it?… You got it.”

Takuya Yamanaka: “Please and thank you!!! Well then, I will see you all on Monday…!!”

Given the contents of the discussion, the new project will seemingly be revealed on Monday, June 4.

Update 06/04/18: The teaser website was updated with a new set of messages:

Takuya Yamanaka: “It’s!!! Monday!!!! It’s ‘work’ time! Everyone!!”

Nobuhiro Imagawa: “I finished up the last one~”

Nobuhiro Imagawa:


Takuya Yamanaka: “Woah! Thank you so much! That’s our game’s mascot-esque Umiushi-chan, for sure! He’s super cute! Let’s make some promotional items out of him!”

Nobuhiro Imagawa: “Thank you for the explanation.”

Suzuka Yamamoto (Director): “It has been done.”

Suzuka Yamamoto:


Nobuhiro Imagawa: “That was fast.”

Tsukasa Masuko: “Sorry! Can I have a bit more time? It’s coming together nicely, I just need a little more time to finish.”

Takuya Yamanaka: “Understood! Not a problem at all! Tomorrow then! Please and thank you!”

Takuya Yamanaka: “Ah, and how about you, Mr. Inoue!?

Takuya Yamanaka: “Mr. Inoue!!?”

—Nobuyuki Inoue has left the group chat—

Takuya Yamanaka: “MISTERRRR INOUE!!!!!!”

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