Funomena’s Luna Arrives on the PSVR in Fall 2018


Funomena’s Luna Arrives on the PSVR in Fall 2018

August 27, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic


Back during gamescom 2018, we saw quite a lot of cool updates from various developers working on a variety of promising games. One game that didn’t appear there is the adorable Luna, VR fairytale from independent developer Funomena. This Independent Games Festival-finalist is heading to PlayStation VR for the first time in November 2018.

Funomena’s team is made up of seasoned game developerss, previously involved with PlayStation titles such as Journey, Flower, Boom Blox, and The Sims 2. Luna looks like it might feature the same level of quality as these past games.

Luna is described as a “whimsical fable about learning by the light of your mistakes.” Your goal in this game is to solve celestial puzzles and create miniature musical worlds, as you “re-awaken the shadowy forest, discover its hidden creatures, and reunite the fragmented Moon so Bird can find its way home.”

Here are some of Luna‘s promised features:

  • Place, customize and interact with miniature, living terrariums.
  • Solve celestial puzzles to unlock their plants and animals.
  • Play musical flora and fauna to reveal Austin Wintory’s enchanting score.
  • Travel down into the miniature world you have created to see the story unfold!

Expect the game to be available on the PSVR on November 22, 2018.

Luna appears to be unique and yet another inventive way of utilizing VR tech. Wouldn’t you think so?

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