Free Songbringer DLC Coming Next Week Alongside Major Update

Free Songbringer DLC Coming Next Week Alongside Major Update

April 18, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

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Developer Nathanael Weiss of Wizard Fu has announced today that Songbringer will be getting a major update and free DLC next week. The Trial of Ren is a free DLC that will put players of the Zelda-inspired pixel art action RPG on a quest to track down a former Songbringer cremate. The DLC will arrive on consoles on April 24, with the PC version getting it three days later on April 27. As for the update to the game, many improvements are said to be coming, including new moves to Roe’s combat arsenal as well as some other gameplay tweaks.

You can check out a brand new trailer for the new DLC below:

Along with The Trial of Ren having its own storyline, players will also be able to snag some new DLC items, including:

  • Eiael’s Snare – An equippable ring, which increases the overall difficulty of the game and expands bosses’ special attacks, but also increases your end-game score.
  • Flamethrower – A craftable weapon. Launch trails of fire, damaging enemies on contact.
  • Lightning Boots – A craftable footwear upgrade which leaves behind tiny electrical charges for your enemies to stumble upon.

Of course, the DLC isn’t the only thing bringing new items to the game, as the base game update will also see some new items being put into Songbringer, including:

  • The Shirt –  Delivered from the heavens to those that die a lot. Equipping it reduces damage.
  • Ferret Drones – Will mark any undiscovered items on your map.
  • Courage Skeletons – Sometimes, help can come from a past life.

For more on the new DLC and the story behind it, check out below:

The Trial of Ren” DLC is free for any Songbringer player, and will be available to download alongside the latest game update. Lead Roq on an additional quest to track down Ren, a former Songbringer crewmate. Discover Ren’s whereabouts and complete his combat trial to reach spiritual ascension and develop new meditation powers. In Ren’s constantly shifting dungeon, you’ll fight your way through waves of remixed enemies and monsters from across Ekzera’s dungeons and overworld.

Songbringer is available now.

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