Fortnite: Save the World’s Canny Valley Campaign and Updates Detailed


Fortnite: Save the World’s Canny Valley Campaign and Updates Detailed

June 23, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

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Epic Games has offered some details about what players can expect from Fortnite‘s Save the World mode over the next few months.

Starting next week, the studio will be introducing some changes to its player reporting system. If you report someone who Epic finds guilty of engaging in inappropriate conduct, you’ll receive a message notifying you that action has been taken against the player. However, don’t expect all reports to result in penalties as Epic is reserving the system for “serial offenders.” “Penalties will range from warnings to escalating bans up to a permanent ban,” wrote the developer.

Following v5.0, Epic will release the first act of the Canny Valley campaign, which will offer players new places to explore. The campaign and a new biome will release in the “near future.” An overview of Canny Valley is as follows:

The story will answer many questions – was Dr. Vinderman a hero or a villain? What happened to him? Who is “the real Ray”, and where is she? What really is the Storm, and why did it happen? You’ll also see Lars and his band, “Steel Wool”, Dennis, Penny and all the other characters you love, along with iconic locations and enemies.

Elsewhere, Epic said that it has received a lot of requests to add mission variety and enemy types. Fans can expect two new enemy types over the next few months but for now, the developer is introducing a powerful variant of the Shielder “very soon” followed by his “new friend” Zapper.

For more on what’s coming, head over to Epic’s website.

[Source: Epic Games]

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