Fortnite PS4 Bundle Leaked


Fortnite PS4 Bundle Leaked

June 22, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

fortnite ps4 bundle

While you’re dropping in at strategic locations in Fortnite, Sony executives are dropping the ball when it comes to cross-play and players being able to carry their progress across multiple devices. Meaning once your Epic Games account is on a PS4, you’re essentially stuck there. This came as a nasty surprise to players who wanted to try their hand at Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, which recently became available.

The consumer consensus is negative, leading to many questions of “but, why?” and the answer appears to be money. Former president of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley claimed this block was purely monetary. Sony didn’t like someone buying something on a Xbox and using it on a PlayStation. This tweet has since been removed but has been reported by multiple publications, including IGN.

fortnite ps4 bundle

All of this uproar makes this alleged bundle leak all the more shocking. It looks like Sony will have a Fortnite console bundle set to release in Europe next month. The bundle features a 500GB PlayStation 4 Slim, the game, and an exclusive skin along with 500 V-Bucks.

Wow, talk about timing. But as much as publications and fans may see this as a tone deaf bundle that adds insult to injury, the numbers do not lie. While people are angry over Sony’s, seemingly, stubborn decision: PlayStation Store sales are fairing well. Like with many things in the video game industry, folks will complain, but they’ll still buy it.

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