Former Naughty Dog Dev Now Senior Game Designer on Secret PS4 Project

Former Naughty Dog Dev Now Senior Game Designer on Secret PS4 Project

May 30, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Sonys secret ps4 project possibly in the making

About a year ago, veteran game designers Quentin Cobb left Naughty Dog (the creators of The Last of Us and the Uncharted series). He started to work as Senior Game Designer on Just Survive, a zombie themed survival shooter. It appears that he has now returned to work for Sony once more. Cobb has been given the same job title (Senior Game Designer), although at the moment no specifics were mentioned involving his work. We do know it has to do with Sony’s secret PS4 project.

Cobb was recently asked about his new position, but his answer remains brief and to the point: “Secret…” Check out one of his tweets:

This news could mean all sorts of things really. For one, the experienced game designer could have returned to the fold to help Sony with their top franchises. What’s more, Cobb’s LinkedIn profile reveals the studio he works for now is based in the “Greater San Diego Area.” So, it may very well be a project like a new Uncharted game, because Sony San Diego is actually a brand new studio collaborating with a “major Sony development studio.”

There’s another possibility. Cobb may be involved with a PS4-exclusive we already know about, but is not allowed to confirm his involvement yet. Ah, screw it; Horizon 2 confirmed 😉

Any thoughts on the subject, people?

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