File recovery is getting easier on Windows 10 in the next update

Windows File Recovery

Microsoft understands the pain of accidentally deleting a file
that you didn’t mean to. In early 2020,
Microsoft released a Windows File Recovery tool which
allows you to reverse your decision and recover the files that
you permanently deleted from everywhere, including the Recycle

Windows File Recovery is a command-line tool and it works like
other third-party utilities Unlike third-party tools, though,
you don’t have to pay for a premium version. It can be accessed
using Command Prompt only, so it’s a bit less user friendly.
However, there are plans to make the tool simple and new
improvements are now rolling out.

File Recovery tool

Microsoft’s Recovery Tool for Windows 10 is getting better in
the next update scheduled to arrive later this year and changes
are already rolling out to the testers in the Windows Insider

With the latest preview update, Windows File Recovery Tool is
getting faster and support for two new modes – ‘regular’ and

Using the new ‘regular’ mode, you can now scan your disk drive
(NTFS file systems) for erased files and attempt to restore
them. Microsoft noted
that regular mode is the standard recovery option for users and
it should be used when you’re trying to recover files that were
recently deleted by you.

The regular mode is easier than the other methods and anyone
with basic knowledge of Command Prompt should be able to
recover their files. While the regular mode is more user
friendly, it might not work if the free space in your drive was
overwritten, especially if your PC comes with a solid-state
drive (SSD).

If you’re trying to recover files that were deleted a long time
ago, Microsoft recommends using the new ‘extensive mode’, which
works even when a disk has become corrupted.

Since the initial release of Windows File Recovery in 2020,
Microsoft says it has received valuable feedback from the users
and more improvements will be released to the tool in the
coming months.

The first big update for the recovery tool will be
released to the general public using Windows 10 version 2004 or
higher in early 2021.

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