Fashion Technology Blog

Fashion Technology Blog

Are you someone who works in a fashion world and looking for fashion technology blog? Then you have come to the right place. We all know that everyone needs both fashion and technology. Although fashion and technology are both from different topics and area, they actually need each other’s existence. Fashion needs technology to bring fashion to the whole world. This is where fashion tech blogs or sites exist. To put it simply, fashion tech blogs exist to sell fashion products, to create fashion products, and to market fashion products. If you are working in the fashion world and you want to know lists of the best fashion tech blogs and best technology sites, then keep on reading this article.

TheCurrent Daily

This first fashion tech blog is formally known as Fashion & Mash. This fashion tech blog is considered as one of the best fashion tech blogs in the whole world. Since TheCurrent joins forces with the global innovation firm, TheCurrent now works to facilitate partnership which supports innovate technology. Meaning, TheCurrent will also drive the business of fashion further such as giving you up-to-date digital marketing trends, innovations in retail, and new developments in AI.


The next fashion technology blog is very suitable for you who interested in how the costumer are wearing technology. Wareable is already famous for its simple fitness trackers and now Wareable wants to show the world how many innovative fashion brands and retailers are dominating the growing popularity of wearable fashions. If you are a gadget lover who loves to wear wearable tech, then keep an eye on this fashion tech blog.

BOF Fashion Tech

The next fashion tech blog is BOF. BOF is considered as the leader of all things related to fashion and business. BOF has created a full section on its official website to fashion tech. That is why if you want to know everything which is related to the fashion and business, then you need to stay tuned with BOF.


This fashion tech blog is founded in 2015 and becomes one of the fastest growing digital fashion magazines. In this fashion tech site, you will be able to get information about the latest fashion technology news and trends. Not only that, but you will also get informative articles and videos and tech reviews.

Those are the list of the best fashion technology blogs. Make sure to keep an eye on them to get up-to-date fashion trends!

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