Fans Construct Theory About Death Stranding Being Set in Iceland

Fans Construct Theory About Death Stranding Being Set in Iceland

May 28, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Death Stranding details constructed by fans

When you think about it, Death Stranding is definitely going to be one of those games all eyes will be turned to the moment Hideo steps onto the E3 2018 showfloor. Hideo Kojima and the development team behind the much anticipated mysterious game have given gamers precious little to go on. Recently, though some Death Stranding details started to show up. We’ve had a single teaser screenshot last week, which definitely goes in line with Kojima’s tradition of leaving trails and teasers before any major reveal takes place.

At the moment, there still isn’t anything concrete on offer regarding Death Stranding. However, diligent fans have constructed what appears to be a pretty solid theory and all thanks to, what? Moss! You guessed it (or maybe you haven’t).

It is related to the aforementioned teaser screenshot and one of the fans thinks it matches with moss found on top of lava fields in Iceland – so he offers a real-life comparison photo. Check it out:

What’s more, this is curiously related to a photo that was recently tweeted by Hideo Kojima himself. Check it out:

Death Stranding has been a closely guarded secret for quite a while and the only option we have is to wait for more mysterious hints, hopefully more meaningful teasers, until the game is finally unveiled during the E3 2018

[Source: EuroGamer]

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