Family Card Games SP announced for Switch


Family Card Games SP

Arc System Works has announced Family Card Games SP for Switch. It will launch via the Nintendo eShop on May 10 in Japan for 500 yen.

Family Card Games SP will enable anyone to easily enjoy playing the Japanese card game Daifugo. In addition to regular Daifugo, the game also features eight different rule types. Side activities include medals, which can be obtained by meeting various conditions, and reward illustrations, which can be obtained by winning matches.

Visit the game’s official website here.

Family Card Games SP is the first Switch entry in Arc System Works’ long-running line of Family titles. Here is an overview of the series in full:


  • Family Beach Volleyball 3D
  • Family Bowling 3D
  • Family Card Games 3D
  • Family Golf 3D
  • Family Fishing 3D
  • Family Kart 3D
  • Family Ping-Pong 3D
  • Family Tennis 3D

Wii U

  • Family Tennis SP


  • Family Air Hockey Wii
  • Family Card Games Wii
  • Family Kart Wii
  • Family Ping-Ping Wii
  • Family Putter Golf Wii
  • Family Sugoroku Wii
  • Family Slot Car Racing Wii
  • Family Tennis Wii

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