Facebook’s Workplace productivity tool hits 3M paid users, escalating competition with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Workplace by Facebook on a portal device. (Facebook Photo)

Workplace by Facebook, the social giant’s productivity tool now has 3 million paid users, an important milestone as the company competes with Slack and Microsoft Teams in an increasingly crowded field.

The tool was first released in 2016 but has taken off recently. It took Facebook more than two years to get 2 million paid users for its tool, but it added another million users in just the last eight months.

One of the biggest customers wins for Workplace by Facebook came back in 2017 when it landed Walmart as a customer. Today, its list of customers includes big names such as Starbucks, Spotify, Lyft, Delta Airlines and more.

TechCrunch notes that Workplace by Facebook has differentiated itself by targeting not just white-collar office workers, but retail and service workers as well. The service starts at $1.50 per month per front-line worker and then has tiers up to $4 and $8.

Facebook also announced today it will add Workplace to its Portal smart screen devices for video calls. This gives Facebook another avenue for sales of the device, which competes with Amazon’s Echo show products and Google Home Hub.

It’s tough to make comparisons between users of various services as the companies each look at different numbers. Microsoft said in July it had 13 million daily active users. Slack hasn’t given a new figure since January, but at the time it said the service had 10 million daily active users.

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