Facebook’s new Messenger app for Windows 10 leaks online

Facebook Messenger desktopFacebook Messenger, which is one of the most popular messaging
platforms in the world, will get a new app for Windows 10.
Facebook plans to offer the new desktop client via its own
website and as well as the Microsoft Store, so you can access
all of your messages from your Windows 10 device.

According to Facebook, the Messenger desktop app will be
released at some point this year. Ahead of its release, a leak
has revealed what we can expect from Facebook’s new app for
Microsoft’s platform.

The current Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10 has quality
issues and several key features are missing. With the new app,
Facebook hopes to address the problems and offer a better
messaging experience. For example, the rewritten Messenger app
brings support for the dark, grey theme and as well as the
ability to permanently delete delivered messages.

Facebook Messenger leak

You can also send files or enter full-screen mode to read the
conversations, view the pictures and videos. It comes with
other features that are available on Android and iOS including
the ability to hide chats and new emoticons.

It’s worth noting that the interface has largely remained
unchanged and the app looks similar to the current Windows 10
app. However, the app is now powered by Electron and it offers
much better performance when compared to the current app.

Messenger leak

Electron is developed to work across multiple platforms, so you
can expect the app to remain updated regularly.

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