Facebook’s apps stop working on Windows Phone 8.1

Facebook for Windows Phone
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We have seen this coming and it finally did. Windows Phone
never really had the best version of apps like Facebook and
Messenger. They looked good and worked okay but wasn’t as
feature rich as those in Android and iOS. Also, they didn’t get
frequent updates either. But they were enough for the fans of
Windows Phone.

Unless you are a Windows Phone user, this news may not bring
any sadness to you. But it sure will take you back to the days
of using Windows Phone. Facebook app on Windows Phone has some
awesome synchronization with the People app. Something we will
never get back.

Facebook and Messenger apps stop working on Windows Phone 8.1

Recently, the Twitter app for Windows Phone 8.1 has stopped
working and now Facebook has also jumped in and has put an end
to the Facebook and Messenger apps on Windows Phone 8.1. We
cannot blame them in any way as even Microsoft has
completely abandoned the operating system.

Facebook has also suspended its apps on Windows 8.1 which is
the PC counterpart. If you are a Windows Phone 8.1 or a Windows
8.1 user and you try to login to the Facebook and Messenger
apps, you would be greeted with an error message, meaning that
you can no longer log in.

The number of people affected by this decision is a very small
value. The only things they can do is switch to iOS or Android.
They can also switch to Windows 10 Mobile but that is not a
good idea as Windows 10 Mobile will also face the fate of
Windows Phone 8.1.

If you can’t switch to another platform and you still want to
use Facebook, you are left with the option of using the web
browser such as Edge or UC. It’s worth noting that the
Facebook’s mobile website offers a smooth experience and the
social media giant is also working on a web app.

You can also try some third-party apps, and while the third
party apps will redirect you to the website itself, they do
come with additional features such as the ability to download
images and videos.

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