Facebook will roll out a personalized navigation bar in Android and iOS apps

Facebook app Android

Your Facebook app will soon be a little more personal.

Facebook has revealed that its updating the navigation bar in its mobile apps to show people shortcuts for their most frequently used features. All users current see the same set of five buttons — News Feed, Watch, Marketplace, Notifications, and Menu — but soon two of those icons will change based on your usage habits.

Facebook personalized navigation bar Android

The News Feed, Notifications, and Menu icons will remain, but the other spots can change to features like your profile, friend requests, Marketplace, Watch, and Groups, depending on which of those features you use most. These custom icons will be chosen for you automatically at first, but Facebook says that it eventually plans to let users have more control.

Users can expect to see anywhere between four and six icons in their personalized navigation bar.

Facebook will begin rolling out this personalized navigation bar to Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. This sounds like a pretty great update, making it easier and faster for users to access their most-used features of the Facebook app. It’d be nice if users would be able to immediately customize their navigation icons, but at least we know that that feature is coming eventually.

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