Expedia starts 90-day countdown to new Seattle campus, scheming for vital pierce opposite region

The perspective of Expedia Group’s new Seattle campus from an airplane. (Expedia Group Rendering)

Expedia Group has started a countdown time to a opening of a glossy new waterfront domicile campus in Seattle.

The initial of 4,500 employees will deplane on a 40-acre campus in 90 days, commencement a vital cross-regional pierce by one of a Seattle area’s best-known companies. Expedia employees will pierce in waves starting in early October, and they will find some-more than 500,000 block feet of renovated bureau space that used to be labs for biotech hulk Amgen.

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Expedia has invested a ton of income in a plan — it bought a site in 2015 for $229 million, and a campus modernise will cost upwards of $900 million. Expedia is operative on dual some-more buildings that will open subsequent year, and a association has a capitulation to continue building out a campus even serve over a subsequent decade. It could eventually residence some-more than 8,000 workers.

For Expedia employees, a new HQ is not usually in a new city, 12 miles west of a existent Bellevue domicile opposite Lake Washington. It’s a totally opposite sourroundings — Expedia is trade out a downtown high-rise in Bellevue for a sprawling campus with copiousness of immature space and overwhelming waterfront views in a Interbay area of Seattle.

The new campus will underline “biophilic design,” that involves joining people and inlet to boost earthy and mental contentment by views of a water, plateau and open bureau spaces with copiousness of healthy light. Expedia skeleton several acres of outside spaces including personification fields, assembly spaces and an amphitheater that will have WiFi and extended mobile data.

In a center of a campus is a centerpiece mixed-use building same to a Amazon Spheres called a Prow. A stem is a forward-most partial of a ship’s crawl that cuts by a water.

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