Everything Google announced at its Pixel hardware event

Google unveiled its latest hardware products today, joining fellow tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple in refreshing existing gadgets and releasing new ones ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

Leaks in advance of the event gave hints as to what Google would present, including a new Pixel smartphone, wireless earbuds and more. The event is streaming live now, and we will continue updating this post as new devices are unveiled.

Pixel 4

The Pixel is no longer exclusive to Verizon and will be available for the first time across most carriers, including: ATT, C Spire, Cellcom, Google Fi, Spectrum Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Visible and Xfinity Mobile.

The device will be released Oct. 24. Google is selling Pixel 4 for $799 and Pixel 4 XL for $899. The phone includes two cameras on the back, including a new telephoto lens, upgraded photo software, improved night photo features and more.

As usual, the Pixel camera boasts an impressive set of modes and features, but Pixel 4 has some other new goodies as well. A new radar sensor detects movement around the phone, letting users control it without touching it. The built-in recorder app simultaneously transcribes speech as it records, and it features a search function for looking things up by word or sound.

Pixel Buds

Google unveiled the next generation of its Pixel Buds headphones, challenging Apple’s AirPods. They will debut next spring, with a $179 price tag.

Pixel Buds support long-range connectivity, and the company says they can remain connected to a phone through three rooms, or up to a football field’s length.

Stadia controller (Google)


Google’s game streaming service has a release date: Nov. 19.

The update comes just a day after Microsoft announced the kick off of public trials for its own game streaming service, Project xCloud.

The new Pixelbook Go (Google Photo)

Pixelbook Go

Google’s latest Chrome OS-powered laptop is the Pixelbook Go, which starts at $649. The device features “ultra-quiet hush keys” and boasts 12 hours of battery life.

Nest Mini

The newest version of the Nest Mini, formerly known as the Google Home Mini, costs $49 and will be available Oct. 22. The device features a beefed up sound system — including double strength bass compared to the previous model. “Whole Home audio” features allow users to connect speakers together to build a sound system.

Nest Wifi

A package of two devices — a router that connects to the modem and a point that extends coverage into tricky areas of the home — Nest Wifi is the sequel to Google Wifi, first introduced in 2016. The devices will be available starting Nov. 4. A set with one router and one point costs $269, and a three pack with one router and two points costs $349.

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