Epic Loon launches June 28 for Xbox One, Switch, and PC

Epic Loon

Four-player physics-based platformer Epic Loon will launch for Xbox One, Switch, and PC on June 28, publisher Ukuza announced. A release date for the PlayStation 4 version was not announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via Ukuzua:


Dive into the bizarre world of Epic Loon, a quirky physics platformer for up to 4 players playable in couch co-op or battle mode.

An offbeat tribute to classic movies, players lead a group of aliens to take over Joe’s TV after they are rudely awakened from their home, an old-school cleaning VHS-tape.

Key Features

  • A retro couch party game experience.
  • A tribute to the beloved movies of the 80-90’s : Godzilla, Nosferatu, Jurrasic Park, Alien… You’ll play in parodies of famous movies of the 80-90’s, in scenes that it’s possible to recognize if you’re a movie fan.
  • A user friendly gameplay, simple to learn but with a real challenge for every type of players thanks to the different games mode : Story, Speedrun, Hardcore and Battle.
  • More than 350 levels to master.
  • An original soundtrack composed by the famous Rococo core band, Pryapisme.

Watch a new trailer below.

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