Epic Games Sues former QA Contractor over Fortnite Leak


Epic Games Sues former QA Contractor over Fortnite Leak

June 26, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

Fortnite Lawsuit

Epic Games is not having it with leaks, and they’re not afraid to make an example of someone. And that someone just so happens to be former QA contractor Thomas Hannah, accused of leaking comet strike, Season 4 details. But Hannah isn’t going down without a fight. While he admits to sharing information regarding the comet strike as well as the superhero theme, he claims it was more of a private conversation than intentionally leaking information. Posting said information to Reddit was beyond his awareness and control, according to Hannah.

Still, the conversation happening at all is damning because “sharing the information did violate the non-disclosure agreement Hannah had signed, and made statements without Epic’s authorization or consent.”

Epic sued Hannah on May 7 saying that because of the leaked details, it “has suffered and is continuing to suffer irreparable injury,” that cannot be compensated by money alone. Epic’s complaint seeks punitive damages under state and federal trade secrets laws, plus attorney’s fees for bringing the action. Hannah’s defense asks that a judge toss those claims.

Epic is no stranger to lawsuits and will likely continue to find themselves in these situations as their popularity doesn’t seem to be wavering any time soon.

[Source: Polygon]

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