Emoji 13.0 update adding 62 new characters in 2020

Love emoji? You’re going to get a lot more of them in 2020.

The Unicode Consortium today approved Emoji 13.0, which has 62 new emoji characters. These include a smiling face with a tear, a pickup truck, bubble tea, a ninja, pinched fingers, people hugging, a transgender flag, a magic wand, and a thong sandal.

There are a ton of new animals included in the Emoji 13.0 update, too. These include a black cat, a beaver, a polar bear, a bison, a dodo bird, a seal, a beetle, a fly, a cockroach, a mammoth, and a worm.

As noted by Emojipedia, the look of each emoji character will vary slightly by platform.

All of these new emoji will likely begin popping up on various platforms in the second half of the year. For example, the update to Android 10 launched in September 2019 and brought with it support for Emoji 12.0 and all of the new characters that were included in that update. Apple released iOS 13.2 in late October 2019 with new emoji for its devices.

Do you use emoji? Which of the new characters in Emoji 13.0 are you most excited for?

Emoji 13.0 characters

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