Edge for Windows 10, macOS is finally getting Microsoft Office integration

Microsoft Edge Office Viewer

Yesterday, Microsoft Edge version 92 started rolling out to
testers in the Dev Channel and it comes with two new
undocumented features – Officer Viewer and Windows Search
integration. The two new features had been under testing for a
few months and more users can now test them out by installing
Edge Dev 92.

With version 92, Microsoft Office documents are heading to Edge
browser. The new feature called “Office Viewer” will allow you
to open Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents right
in your browser with a single click. This feature is in the
early stage of development and compatible with the Windows and
Mac versions of Edge.

To enable and use Office Viewer, open Edge Settings >
Downloads and enable the option “Quickly view Office files on
the web using Office Viewer”. Once enabled, you can view Office
files within Edge instead of downloading.

Enable Office Viewer

Microsoft 365 integration in Edge should save you some time
considering that you currently need to download the files and
open them within Office apps.

Plus, besides eliminating the need for Office desktop apps,
Edge’s Office Viewer uses Microsoft Office online and it can
also protect you against the malware delivered via Office

Windows Search integration

The second new feature is Windows Search integration, but it
doesn’t seem to be working in the production builds of Windows

As we reported recently, Microsoft is looking to
integrate the Chromium Edge with the search box in the
taskbar. Once enabled, Windows Search will fetch
information from Microsoft Edge. For example, you’ll be able to
launch a taskbar search and discover your browsing history,
recent tabs, bookmarks (favourites) and more.

As you may be aware, Windows Search currently lets you look for
files and folders stored in the local storage. You can search
Bing and enterprise customers can also search for files within
their organization.

With this new feature, Microsoft is adding Edge integration to
Windows 10. To enable search integration, open Microsoft
Edge > Settings > Profiles.

Edge search integration

The feature is currently not working and it could require newer
Windows 10 updates.

It’s also possible that Microsoft could use Edge’s Windows
Search integration as a replacement for the
Windows Timeline cross-device sync feature, which is going
away with Windows 10 Sun Valley update.

The good news is that this feature is optional and you can turn
it off if you don’t want Windows Search to monitor the Edge

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