Early Bloodborne Map Found in Dark Souls Remastered, Playable in GTAV

Early Bloodborne Map Found in Dark Souls Remastered, Playable in GTAV

May 29, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Bloodborne Upper Cathedral Ward gets Trevor

Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are games that will reward you just as much as they will punish you. Through blood, sweat, tears and shouts, you will defeat that boss creature. You may go mad, but you’ll still defeat the enemy. That being said, it’s amazing how much the game’s fan base and modding community has grown. Recently, a modder has extracted a map of the Bloodborne Upper Cathedral Ward from Dark Souls Remastered and managed to open it within Grand Theft Auto V.

One would almost wonder, “why the hell would someone do that?” The answer is: because now you can drive a car in the game. That’s why. Take a look:

So, let’s just go over the level of weirdness here: a level from a 2015 game that was inside a 2018 remaster of a game that was initially released in 2011 is now in GTA. Dropoff is the modder behind this inspiring move. It turns out that some of the level files are actually test files for Dark Souls games. Dropoff basically had a goal to dig up some interesting leftover test content in DS Remastered.

What’s more, Lance McDonald, who is also a Dark Souls modder and data digger estimated that what became the Upper Cathedral Ward was at first made during the development of the original Dark Souls.

You know, to be entirely honest here, I never thought there was ever much hope for Trevor. I always knew he was up to no good. And yet, he seems confused and lost here in the world of Bloodborne.

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