E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Have Tofu, Hunk And More


E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Have Tofu, Hunk And More

June 15, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay shows more cool things

Capcom has made a bundle on Resident Evil. For years, Resident Evil has been the publisher’s top-selling video game franchise. Recently though, Monster Hunter World has been marked as the company’s best-selling franchise to date. Players are really keen to see what they plan to do next in the series. Well, for starters, this year’s E3 has brought more info on that. The latest Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay footage has shown just how different the game will be from the original.

Today, thanks to the E3 2018 we learned that Tofu, Hunk, and a huge mutant alligator will be making a comeback. If you played the original, then you definitely remember the damn alligator (he used to scare the pants off me).

“I really like the alligator character and want to have it in there,” said Resident Evil 2 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. “I think it’s part of Resident Evil 2’s history, and people have lots of great memories of it.”

Now, on a personal note Resident Evil 1 and 2, then Resident Evil 4, and then Resident Evil 5 were my favorites. Of course, they kinda screwed things up with Resident Evil 6, but made an epic comeback with the excellent Resident Evil 7.

If you’ve missed it, check out what other changes that were made in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

[Source: Polygon and PC Gamer]

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