E3 2018 Announcements Wishlist and Predictions: 27 Things We Want to See


E3 2018 Announcements Wishlist and Predictions: 27 Things We Want to See

June 5, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

E3 2018 announcements wishlist

Going into E3 every year, there’s a certain anticipation for impending announcements. Maybe some details have been leaked in the months leading up to the expo that lead you to believe a certain title will be revealed. Perhaps you are just desperately hoping that story threads to an unfinished adventure get wrapped up in a sequel that will never happen. Then there’s publishers telling you straight to your Twitter-face what you’ll be seeing at E3, and the hope of the announcement turns into hopes that the details will match your expectations.

With just under a week to go to E3, we’re already seeing announcements pouring in, attempting to beat the rush of the actual expo by joining the rush of pre-show announcements. Now is a great time for developers to leave players’ jaws on the floor, so that they’ve got enough time to pick them up before more details wash over us next week. Even with all the pre-show announcements, we’re certain there are a few surprises in store, some of which might get your jaw to drop from wherever you are all the way to the LA Convention Center. With that in mind, we dove into our wishlist for the best hopes, dreams, educated guesses, and off-the-wall “not even a genie could grant this for you” wishes.

Here’s what we’d love to see in the E3 2018 announcements:

Our list is far from complete and includes both some obvious entries and some crazy theories. How plausible do you think some of these are? Are there any big announcements you are hoping get teed up next week? We’ll be doing an E3 post-mortem to gauge how our guesses fared and just how surprised we were. Join us for the discussion all next week on PlayStation LifeStyle.

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