DreadOut 2 launches February 20

DreadOut 2

Survival horror game DreadOut 2 will launch for PC via Steam on February 20, developer Digital Happinness announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


A unique take on third-person action-adventure survival horror injected with Indonesian supernatural culture. Gameplay is a mix of city exploration, DreadOut-style smartphone ghost hunting, and new action-packed battles within DreadOut‘s supernatural world. Even though is a horror game at heart, with its touch of silly high school problems, satirical social commentary, and touchy, yet memorable moments, DreadOut 2 is a fresh take on the survival horror genre.

Key Features

  • Non-Linear Survival Horror
    • Exploration is the heart of DreadOut 2. We want to take another step to enrich our way of non-linear storytelling through different key elements.
    • Explore a sleepy little town in the night and day to solve the terrifying urban legends that haunt within.
    • Interact with various unique NPCs, including both human and ghosts.
    • A considerable amount of side quests and hidden stages and bosses written and design based on Asian / Indonesian urban legends.
    • Experience tons of interactions and activities.
    • A huge collection of ghost lore under the Ghostpedia is waiting to be discovered.
  • Action Horror
    • Banish them all! DreadOut-style ghost hunting is back.
    • Delve deeper into DreadOut‘s supernatural world with new action-packed battle mechanics.
    • Battle hideous bosses that roam the supernatural world.
    • Survive further using any available melee weapons throughout Linda’s journey.

Watch anew trailer below.

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