Dragon Star Varnir launches June 11 in North America, June 14 in Europe

Dragon Star Varnir

Dragon Star Varnir will launch for PlayStation 4 on June 11 in North America and June 14 in Europe, publisher Idea Factory International announced.

A new trailer introduces the game’s aerial, turn-based combat. The battlefield is split into three layers: the Top, Middle, and Bottom Levels. You can move about freely between the levels to battle enemies, and there are even some giant enemies that take up all three tiers at once.

A new batch of screenshots features the little sisters and feeding system. The young witches that make up the little sisters depend on you to give them dragon meat or blood obtained during your exploration. If you starve them, they go mad. If you overfeed them, they turn into a dragon. Players can choose to keep them alive or sacrifice them to obtain rare items.

Here is an overview of the game, via Idea Factory International:


In a world where the bones of an ancient beast tower over the land…

The Knight Zephy is part of an order whose role is to hunt down witches—people seen as cursed beings for giving birth to dragons.

When he is almost killed on one of these missions, two mysterious witches save him from the brink of death by feeding him dragon blood.

Granted new magic abilities by their efforts, he soon finds his fate intertwined with the witches and reluctantly joins them to fight against an Empire out to destroy his kind, ruthless dragon hunters, and a witch more powerful than any in existence.

Can they fight all this and save themselves, or will his new allies succumb to the dragon’s curse…?

Key Features

  • Battles Take Flight – Fight enemies midair in a unique, vertically-oriented battle system. Strategically position your party at different tiers to attack and disable the enemy’s skills, one level at a time!
  • Enter the Dragon – Perform enough attacks to unleash the dragon within, transforming each character to unlock devastating skills and newfound strength during battle!
  • Become the Dragon – Weaken an enemy dragon to devour its element! When the element is pierced into a character, they can absorb that dragon’s skill tree. But at what cost…?
  • Madness or Riches? – Three witches depend on you to bring them dragon’s blood as food. Starve them, and they go mad. Overfeed them, and they become a dragon! Will you keep them alive or sacrifice them to obtain ultra rare items and skills? Your choices will change the game’s endings!

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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