Dragon Quest XI Switch Version to Have Exclusive Content?


Dragon Quest XI Switch Version to Have Exclusive Content?

June 25, 2018Written by Lucas White

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As exciting as the upcoming PlayStation 4 release of Dragon Quest XI is, diehard fans of the serious may find themselves tempted to double-dip in the end. According to early talk from a recent stockholder meeting in Japan, the Dragon Quest XI Switch version that is still in development is going to have content not present in the PlayStation 4 version.

This news came from Square Enix’s 38th stockholder meeting, which took place over the last week. The meeting has yet to be described, but a person claiming to be present at the meeting shot some brief reports over via Twitter. The person is a “professional investor” with over 20 thousand followers, for what that’s worth.

According to the tweet, Square Enix is continuing its positive messaging about the progress on Final Fantasy VII Remake as well. There’s also something about a HD version of Dragon Quest III being in the works, but it seems like it’s still in the planning stages and perhaps will follow whatever Dragon Quest XII ends up being.

This is interesting stuff for Dragon Quest fans, especially those in North America who always have to deal with the anxiety of not knowing what will and won’t come over from Japan. Previously, Square Enix has commented on the development of the Dragon Quest XI Switch version, as the company announced it super early, even before the Switch was officially revealed. That version is still in development, and Square Enix has said in the past it wants North America to consider the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions the “main” versions. So it will be interesting to see what this Switch-exclusive content ends up being.

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