Dragon Quest XI New Trailer Highlights Lively Cast of Characters


Dragon Quest XI New Trailer Highlights Lively Cast of Characters

August 3, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

Dragon Quest XI Characters

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age launches September 4, 2018 on PS4 and PC in North American and Europe; it’s already available for preorder. We’re just about one month away from release and, in anticipation of this new entry, the game has a new trailer. This time around, the characters are the focal point.

Take a look at Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age‘s cast.

In the trailer, each characters gets their own time in the spotlight. We get their name, with tagline, that addresses each one’s role and personality. The footage puts each characters’ combat and dialogue on display.

Here’s the cast: Erik (the partner-in-crime), Veronica (the fearless young mage), Serena (the laid-back healer) Sylvando (the entertainer extraordinaire), Jade (the noble martial artist), and Rab (the mysterious old man). Archetypal perhaps but charming nonetheless. Just as the trailer stated, it should be “a great journey requires great allies.” Hopefully, the writing resonates with the fans and really makes this adventure come to life. It’s been about eight years since the West has seen a mainline entry to this franchise, as Dragon Quest IX arrived on the Nintendo DS outside of Japan in 2010, so I’m sure anticipation is high among fans.

For some deeper insight into what to expect from this title be sure to read our E3 2018: Dragon Quest XI Hands-On Preview and feel free to view PlayStation Underground’s 17 minutes of gameplay.

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