Don’t call it a discuss app! How Slack is heightening the concentration to contest opposite Microsoft and others


Brian Elliott, clamp boss of Slack Platform, vocalization during Slack’s Spec conference. (Jeremy Waldorph Photo)

Slack is confronting copiousness of foe from some of a biggest tech companies on earth. In fact, Microsoft only famous Slack as a aspirant in a annual regulatory filing. But one of Slack’s newest executives doesn’t seem too endangered about a challenge.

Brian Elliott, ubiquitous manager of Slack Platform, says a association is focused on a judgment of a “collaboration hub” — a singular place where staff gets work finished virtually. And distinct some of a tip competitors, many particularly Microsoft and a Teams capability tool, Slack is focused on a one vital offering, and that’s it.

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“We are out to build a product, and a product is flattering basic,” Elliott pronounced when asked about competition. “It’s a partnership hub. We’re not out to sell 15 other solutions that are adjacent to that partnership hub.”

One thing that does rile adult Elliott is a slur that Slack is only a discuss app.

“I consider that people still don’t get a fact that during a bottom we are a partnership hub,” Elliott said. “I consider it still gets pigeonholed too most as a discuss tool, where people consider about it as a discuss app between me and a confederate other people on my team. If we speak to people who are complicated Slack users and see what they do, we get that it’s indeed a primary approach in that people get their work done.”

Elliott sat down with GeekWire during a new outing to Seattle, where he pronounced a association won’t be opening an bureau any time soon. Elliott assimilated Slack final December. He pronounced he was captivated to a association since he loves a product, and a awaiting of creation a work day easier for people is his thought of “living a dream”.

He came from Google, where he spent 4 years operative on projects such as Google Express. Today, he oversees a group that builds third-party integrations with Slack.

Slack has some-more than 1,500 third-party integrations, including tie-ins with tech giants like Concur and Salesforce as good as offerings from competitors like Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google’s G Suite. Elliott believes Slack offers a best developer collection and deeper integrations with some-more apps and services than a competition, enabling it to offer a height open to everyone, including a rivals.

“Our pursuit is to make it easy and seamless for people to confederate all of those and have it feel comparatively local to a experience,” Elliott said.

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One of a best examples of seamless third-party integration, according to Elliott, is Concur. Concur is a Bellevue, Wash.-based responsibility government height that was acquired by SAP in 2014 for $8.3 billion.

Elliott says to approve an responsibility news he used to get an email, and afterwards he would have to click a integrate and find a right add-on to approve. With a Slack integration, Elliott says he gets a presentation with 3 elementary commands: approve, repudiate or get some-more context within Concur.

Making actions like this easier is a tiny thing on a own, though a confederate mins saved here and there unequivocally adds up, Elliott argues.

“Think about all a opposite things we do like that,” Elliott said. “If we save 5 to 10 mins a day, assume that happens with notifications 10 times a day, each day of a year. That’s a outrageous capability gain.”

Slack currently has some-more than 1,000 employees operative out of 10 offices in 8 countries around a world. It has lifted $841 million in a history, including a $250 million turn final year that put a company’s gratefulness during some-more than $5 billion.

Slack boasts 8 million daily active users as of May, 3 million of that are paid. The association says some-more than 500,000 organizations use a product — compared to 200,000 for Microsoft Teams — and 65 percent of Fortune 100 companies are Slack users.

Microsoft Teams incited adult a feverishness on Slack final month when it introduced a giveaway version, expanding a strech of a self-described “hub for teamwork” over a Office 365 ecosystem. Microsoft done a Slack plea transparent by charity a corresponding comparison of facilities between a dual products, braggadocio about Teams’ higher hunt capabilities and larger denunciation availability. Microsoft has a long-term advantage of being means to offer Teams to a bottom of more than 135 million Office 365 business users.

Slack doesn’t seem disturbed about a challenge, going all a approach behind to when Microsoft Teams launched and Slack took out a journal ad to honour a new aspirant and offer a few pieces of advice. Elliott is assured that all a third-party integrations and other facilities make Slack mount out from a rivals.

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