Do you use a mobile gaming controller with your phone?

Razer Kishi game controller

I have a lot of games on my phone. Probably more than a dozen or so. I can say the same thing for my iPad, too. I’ve downloaded all of them with the assumption that I’ll play them. And most of them I have! Some of them I’ve only opened once and have just never gotten around to deleting them. But others I keep going back to when time permits.

I play games on my phone when I get the chance. But I don’t think I’ve ever been tempted by a game controller for my phone.

This is not to say that touchscreen controls are the best. They definitely aren’t. Some games have better options than others, but I think most people might agree that using a controller over a touchscreen is generally better. Especially for the folks who like to play games like Fortnite.

Which is why I definitely understand why a game controller for your phone would be a cool idea. After all, a lot of us have brought with us a mobile console at one point or another. When I was a kid it was the original Nintendo GameBoy — that thing went with me everywhere. I even carried around Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) for a little while. But eventually games on phones got really good, and, of course, the one-stop-shop design of the smartphone prevailed once again.

I bring all this up because Razer has just announced the Kishi, a game controller for the iPhone and Android phones that attaches right to the device. It looks like a cool accessory, with plenty of buttons and worthwhile features tacked on. It makes the iPhone (or Android phone) look like a mobile video game console — which I imagine is kind of the point. And, as long as it’s comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, it’s probably worthwhile. This just an accessory type that’s never really felt like a solid purchase for me over the years.

But, I’m curious if that’s different for you. Have you ever purchased a game controller that attaches directly to your phone? If so, which one, what prompted the purchase, and do you use it regularly? Let me know!

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