Do you consider the phone’s color when buying a new device?

Apple iPhone XR in blue

Go back with me for a bit. Back to 2018, when Apple introduced the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. (macOS auto-corrects “Xs” to “XS,” despite Apple calling it the former, which makes me laugh a little.) Despite the fact Apple was introducing a light blue iPhone, most of my attention — as a consumer — was focused on the high-end iPhone XS Max. Apple doesn’t really need to persuade me to upgrade to the newest flagship handset, because it’s just been the default action for years now.

That was certainly the case with that handset. The iPhone XS Max was going to be my new daily driver and that was it.

Until it wasn’t.

I did buy the iPhone XS Max. It was my daily driver for a few weeks. And then, when the iPhone XR finally launched, I decided that I wanted a blue phone. I wanted a blue phone more than I wanted the top-of-the-line specifications. So, after fielding plenty of confusion from my wireless carrier sales rep, I made the switch and got my blue phone.

The iPhone XR is a fine phone. Actually, it was and still is kind of great. It doesn’t have an OLED display and it doesn’t have the best camera possible (even in the iPhone lineup), but the Liquid Retina display and the camera it does have is certainly worth using on a regular basis.

The reality is it’s an iPhone, and for folks who like using those devices there wasn’t much to be worried about. It still runs the newest version of iOS, still has most of the features most customers would want, and so on. I knew I wasn’t losing much, but I was getting a blue phone and that felt like a good compromise.

Fast forward to last year and Apple introduces the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in Midnight Green and, sure enough, drops the blue color form the iPhone 11. I might’ve had a tough decision if the blue option was still around last year, but honestly I was smitten with the Midnight Green hue so upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max was an easy decision.

I’m a firm believer that phones should be as colorful as possible. I grew up in the time of super colorful Nokia phones so that probably makes sense. And while I think some smartphones have some really fantastic color options, and even Apple does a good job with different hues for some models, I think it could be better.

Mostly, I don’t think the widest range of colors should only be in the less expensive models. But that’s just wishful thinking, apparently. But the good news is that most phones are pretty awesome these days, even the ones that don’t pack in all the new features and cost more than $1,000. So if there’s a less expensive option that also comes in a color I want to look at every day, it’s not a crazy idea to go with the phone you really want.

I’m wondering if you have found yourself in a similar situation, specifically when it comes to colors. Have you opted to go with a certain color over specs in the past? Or do you just go for the specs, shove the phone in a case, and call it good? Let me know!

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